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Verdensorganisasjonen for Familieklubbene – WACAT – publiserer nyhetsbrev regelmessig. Der orienteres det om hva som skjer i de enkelte medlemsorganisasjonene, og hvilke aktiviteter som foregår i de ulike landene. Hold deg orientert her!

Publikasjonene er på engelsk.

WACAT news January 2014

Sri Lanka
Olcott Gunasekera, WACAT vice president for Asia and Africa, advises:
“I wish to inform that I had discussions with the Ministry of Health officials on 31 December, 2013 and it was decided to hold the International Sensibilization Course from March 10-15, 2014 (both days inclusive). It will be the first time the Ministry of Health is directly involved and I am happy to inform that it has been possible to include the community/family based approach for alcohol related problems (Hudolin's method) in the National Alcohol Policy of Sri Lanka.

WACAT news December 2013

Helge Kolstad reports:
“The first Servant Teachers training course has been held in Sweden beginning of november. Christina, Anita and myself, from Norway, together with the most experienced S.T.s in Sweden held the course outside Stockholm, and were able to get six new Servant-Teachers trained. That was high time, since several new clubs are about being started. There are four Clubs at present in the area, and four additional clubs may be a reality by the new year. We had opportunity to visit two Clubs in the area, which was a nice experience, since they really work well”.

WACAT news November 2013

Leif Persson reporting:
“Thank you for the days together in Lignano. As always it was a
very good experience, specially this time for me. That’s because of the very good progress right now in Sweden. Kurön, as a "clinic", is in a very good development to make the "method" as an obligatory in the program. But most important, for the first time we have running clubs in Sweden dedicated to the true Club-setting. And I am also very happy to tell you that we one week ago successfully completed the first training course ever in Sweden. It was conducted by Sweden and Norway together with very good results”.

WACAT news September and October 2013

The 16th International Course of Sensibilization, Lignano
It has taken place in Lignano (Italy) from 14 to 19 October 2013.It has been attended by 26 participants coming from 11 different countries.

WACAT news August 2013

It is with deep sorrow that we inform you that Laura Luquero Mediero passed away during the month of August. She was founder of the CATs in Spain, in the Avila region, and she was an example of dedication and commitment.

WACAT news June 2013

News from the W.H.O.:

Important speech made by Dr. Margaret Chan, WHO's Director-General at the 8th Global Conference on Health Promotion, Helsinki, Finland 10 June 2013:

WACAT news April 2013

Nada Kenda is reporting:
“Aleksander Može since 28.3.2013 is no longer President of West Slovenian Clubs. New president is Miro Lapanja, who used to be the president of the CAT in Tolmin”.

WACAT news March 2013

Leif Persson has reported:
“There has been a lot of activity and exchange in Scandinavia. Norway, Sweden and Denmark have been proceeding a number of meetings and also lecturing and education.

WACAT news February 2013

Petition to the W.H.O.

WACAT news January 2013


Wacat news February 2011

News from Macedonia Denmark Brazil Raypro

WACAT news January 2011

Sri Lanka

Olcott Gunasekera (Vice president WACAT) advises:
“I should say that I am extremely happy of the recent developments in Sri Lanka, which are very significant. Dr. Dissanayaka, who visited San Daniele in Italy and was assisted by Dr. Piani, is now a believer in and fully committed to the socio-ecological approach. Not only has he understood the basic concepts but also he is convinced that it is the right approach.

WACAT news November 2010


Vladimir Panzov reports:
“I would like to inform you that our clubs in Skopje and Veles are working well and we have new members. In Skopje we have received some space to use for our meetings. This is a good sign and appreciation for our hard work. I was a guest to one of the most watched program on Channel 5 with the professor dr. Metodia Chepraganov, the best neuropsychiatrist in Macedonia, who has been working also abroad.

WACAT news October 2010


Niels Andersen advises:
“In Denmark right now we are working on the final detail for next Course of Sensibilisation. By mid October there were 8 people from Denmark, 2 from Norway and 4 from Sweden (Gotland). The course will - again - take place in Viborg, because lack of clubs near Copenhagen.”

WACAT news September 2010

International Course of Sensibilization in Lignano 2011

The European School of Alcohology advises that the next course in English language will take place between the 23 and the 28 of May 2011.

WACAT news August 2010


Niels Andersen advises:
“The next Sensibilization Course in Denmark will take place in Ishøj (near Copenhagen) from October 25 to October 30 Subsequently from November 12 to November 14 there will be a Nordic Updating Course in Denmark - again in Ishøj, in connection with the Nordic Seminar for all Servant Teachers - not only for those who participate in the updating course. The updating course in only for Servant Teachers actively working in a club”.

WACAT news June 2010

By mid June they have held an Interclub in the state of Paraiba, with the participation of the Bishop, as he wanted to know the families attending the Clubs.
WACAT news May 2010


Guido Dellagiacoma advises:
“Have just come back from Belarus on 11th may, where we have held a course of sensibilization at Drybyn, in the region of Moghilev. In the Drybyn province the Clubs are spreading and should be by now about 10. In the provinces of Mozir and Kalinkovicic, in the South, there are another 4 or 5 Clubs, while there iso ne Club in Oshmiany, on the border with Lithuania, and one in Zhabinka, next to the Polish border, near Brest. During the meeting in the latter village, we have suggested to create an association of Clubs, but the bureaucracy in the country is such that they prefer to refrain”.

WACAT news April 2010


Father Corrado Tosi advises:
“The first Course of Sensibilization has taken place in Kisangani (in the area called Simi-simi), from 5 to 8 april, with Giorgio Mazzoleni as director from Italy, plus the staff consisting of Tiziana Fanucchi (co-director), Ivana Ghedina and father Corrado Tosi (group leaders). Elisa Grazzi has taken care of the translations in the various languages used during the course: Italian, French, Lingala and Swahili.

WACAT news March 2010


Thanks to the initiative of Father Corrado Tosi, who is already running the CATs in the Kinshasa area, and the friends from the Trento region in Italy, the first Course of Sensibilization, will take place in Kisangani (in the area called Simisimi), 5 to 8 april, with Tiziana Fanucchi from Italy as director.

WACAT news February 2010


Despite the seriousness of the earthquake, we have got news whereby the vice-president WACAT for Americas, Juan Manuel Cerna Guerrero, who lives in Talca, very near to the epicenter of the earthquake, is alive, up and running. We now await more news about the general community of the Clubs in Chile.

WACAT news January 2010


Vladimir Panzov is reporting:
“The Clubs in Skopje (capital of Macedonia) are working satisfactorily, and recently have started some new branches. They have also obtained new head-quarters, where however some of the material has just been stolen. Strangely enough, thieves have also taken material regarding the Club work, including the CD of the last Lignano Course.

WACAT news November 2009


Guido Dellagiacoma and Angelo Tedioli have come back to Italy from the country, where they have held a course of sensibilization in the village of Kalinkovici, the same place where Irina Kashperko (WACAT delegate for Belarus) lives and works. The participants were about 40, and quite a few of them declared to be willing to start a Club. In Kalinkovici currently there are 3 Clubs. They have also visited the region of Moghilev, where a new Club has started, and the region of Dribyn, where the clubs are by now about 10. Also in the region of Brest 2 clubs should start soon. The programmes are slowly picking up, and the local authorities of two other regions have already applied in order to have their own course of sensibilization. Unfortunately the ANPAS representative office in Gommel has been closed down, and the local Clubs have died.

WACAT news October 2009


Niels Andersen is reporting:
“We have held a course of sensibilisation for Denmark, Norway and Sweden in week 42 in Copenhagen. We were happy to find 14 participants only from Denmark, which probably will mean opening of at least 5 new clubs, and dividing of some others. 
We are especially happy about opening clubs in the south of Jutland and also on Zealand outside Copenhagen. It is also nice that the clubs finally seem to get started in Sweden. In addition we shall be holding an updating course in Denmark on november 20th/21th, with staff coming from Italy”. 

WACAT news September 2009

Sri Lanka:

Olcott Gunasekera, vice president WACAT for Africa and Asia, reports:
“We had the monthly meeting of the Servant Teachers on September 5, held for the second time at the complex of the Provincial Director of Health, Kurunegala. All facilities were provided without a charge. This is an important development in networking with the public sector.

WACAT news July-August 2009

W.H.O. draft paper on Global Strategy on Alcohol             

Following up the meeting with NGOs (where WACAT was attending) back in November 2008, and with Member States during spring 2009, the W.H.O. has produced a draft of the document that will be will be circulated to Member States this autumn.


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